Knowing Y Book CoverKnowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now

The largest shift in human capital in history–the ascension of Generation Y in the workforce–presents a strategic opportunity for virtually every business and organization: Turn the tide in your favor (or keep it moving in your direction) by tailoring you offerings and culture to the preferences of the dominant demographic. Doing so makes economic, consumer, marketing and management sense, according to XYZ University CEO Sarah Sladek’s new book published by ASAE.

To effectively serve this largest-ever population, you need to know and understand its principal actors and their expectations. This book helps you do just that. Knowing Y is brimming with first-hand insights from Gen Ys, examples of organizations that have successfully engaged Gen Y, and experience and advice from Sladek’s 10+ years researching generations and demographic shifts.

The message is clear. Adapt and engage this largest population. The consequences are dire if you don’t. Purchase Knowing Y today. Millennials will thank you. Order now.

Knowing Y is informative and thought-provoking. It clearly conveys how important this generation is to our future. I’d say it’s more than a must-read, it’s a must-do. – Paul Hartgen, CAE, Council of Manufacturing Associations

EndOfMembership_CoverThe End of Membership As We Know It

The era when associations could count on members joining and renewing, has passed. Membership is not dead as author Sarah Sladek argues in The End of Membership As We Know It: Building the Fortune-Flipping, Must-Have Association of the Next Century (2011). But you do need to change your thinking and your models to adapt to the way participation is changing.

This book, published by ASAE, outlines real, useful advice and plenty of examples for moving your membership model into the future. Click here to order (Also available in Dutch! Check out the Dutch translation here).

“[Sarah Sladek's] book, ‘The End of Membership As We Know It,’ is the bomb. [It is] a must read for every CEO, membership person and plenty of Board leaders.” – B.H., The NonProfit Center, via ASAE discussion board

RockstarsRock Stars Incorporated

Generations X and Y are changing the way our world works because what’s worked in the past isn’t working for them. Rock Stars Incorporated: Hiring the High Performance High Maintenance Hotshots Half Your Age (2008) provides valuable insight on how to manage, motivate, and market to these rising stars.

“This book is an insightful wake-up call for employers. While many organizations know there is a coming labor shortage, they have not yet taken steps to recruit and retain future leaders.” – L. H., The Employers Association

“I just read [Sarah's] book this weekend on the “End of Membership” and enjoyed it very much! I think it’s a must-read and there are a number of board executives that should read it!” – Gustav Plato, iiGrowth

Price: $24.95

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NewRecruitThe New Recruit

The New Recruit: What Your Association Needs to Know About X, Y, & Z (2007) was one of the first books to address the generation gap in membership associations. It brings to light the challenges that Boomer-centric associations are experiencing and viable solutions to successfully recruit and retain younger generations.

“The New Recruit proved to be an excellent resource for our association, as well as each of our membership associations. In fact, we rolled out our Young Professionals group in conjunction with this program and it has proven to be very successful.” – K. G., Midwest Society of Association Executives

Price: $24.95

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