Experts in engaging the next generation

XYZ University is a generational training and management consulting firm specialized in helping organizations engage Generations X, Y and Z.

If your challenge has to do with engaging the participation of young people as members, volunteers, leaders or employees, we have the solution.

Grow membership. Reduce turnover. Stay relevant. Engage the next generation now.

Scary Stat of the Week

94% of employers are using social media for recruiting talent.

Do you understand the tools you need to win the talent war?

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Praise for XYZ University

Sarah Sladek has started a revolution among the home builders associations in Texas! We are a ‘Baby Boomer’ organization in need of a wake-up call. Sarah not only got our attention but gave us a blueprint to help us move forward. If we use the tools she provided us with, our association will appeal to Gens X, Y and Z, and we will be relevant for years to come.

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